Thursday, November 15, 2012

Timmy The Spider #3: The Quest Goes On

Timmy The Spider returns in his quest to stop the racism (or I guess specism?) against spiders...

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Featured: This week's featured person is a actually a group of two Youtubers, TheFineBros. They are probably not going to see this, but they deserve the feature for being some of the best and most authentic Youtubers out there. The Fine Brother's are most popular for their great React and Spoiler series, but right now they are also producing the MyMusic comedy show on Youtube. This is a crucial time to help them get another season, so if you can help them out by subscribing and watching their videos, here is their link:

Also, here's the link to their FineBros channel: (They just did a hilarious Elder's react to Twilight!)

(FineBros, if somehow you do see this make sure to comment below and share!)

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  1. Boy, this had better not be the end for Timmy the Spider! Timmy the Spider is the happenest(sp?) thing on this here webby-web since Al Gore invented it. If you don't do anymore Timmy the Spider, I shall be forced to boycott the internet and Al Gore! More Timmy the Spider action-packed adventures, please. Meantime, I'll check out The Fine Brothers! Remember, more Timmy the Spider! Thank you.