Thursday, November 8, 2012

An English Rebellion: Big Words

For many years, the English language has been filled with confusing words and sentences. It is ridden with words with thousands of meanings and meanings with thousands of words. In these segments, I aim at rooting out the issues with language and start: An English Rebellion

I have nothing against big words themselves. However, the problem is that many words nowadays that are big are just fancier words for a smaller, simple word.

I’m sure you can think of thousands of useless words that have simple alternatives, but let’s use a word that some people use, like the word ‘luminous.’ In my dictionary, the definition of the word ‘luminous’ is bright, which is what most people use it to mean, so I ask you, dear readers, why does the word exist? Why not just have the word ‘bright?’

Doesn’t seem that “bright” does it? (See what I did there?)

Perhaps, you might see this and suddenly realize the thousands of other common words that are replaced with bigger fancier sounding alternatives. Perhaps, you will so moved by this, that you will move to rebellion and that is what I am asking you to do.

Last time, I asked you to rebel against silent letters, and now I am asking you to rebel against the unnecessary big words. From now on, every word will have it’s own meaning, which it shares with no other word big or small. Everyone will know what every word means without any ambiguity. No longer will conversations end by looking in a dictionary.

In a world like this, everyone will be able to understand each other without any confusion. Now let’s make that world a reality.

-The Anon Rebel

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  1. What happened to the "Adventures of Timmy the Spider?" He rocked it!

  2. Words, words and more words, don't they just drive you mad sometimes. Some of my friends can sometimes go off the deep end talking using extremely long words. It always ends with me informing them to speak properly as nobody understands what they are chatting about anyway. A nod of the head or smile does not always cut it. ha ha ah ha.

  3. I have to admit I love big words - I think they spice up sentences and give the english language a poetic flow as opposed to a monotonous string of words we've seen over and over again. If i find a word I don't recognize in a book I get quite excited. (yes I'm a word junkie, don't judge me) I do agree there is a breaking point though. Words that have become obsolete and require a dictionary to decipher (ebullient, tarantism, zenith, etc) are probably too far fetched for daily conversation.