Thursday, September 20, 2012

Comic: Timmy The Spider #2: The March Begins!

Timmy The Spider returns and the plot thickens. Timmy tries to cure human's biases against spiders. Will it work?

Will Timmy succeed? Tell me what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Don't give up Timmy!!!
    May your squish friends rest in peace! :P XD

  2. You made it? It's cute! :)

  3. Poor Timmy. I'm afraid his cause may be doomed. I don't think he should give up, though. Keep on keeping on Timmy!!

  4. Yes, a very big problem!!
    Maybe they should figure out a formula that heightens their intelligence so they can show who's boss.

    (Watched "The rise of the planet of apes" yesterday, hence the talk ^)

  5. Poor Timmy. He needs to evolve and develop thumbs or something, but that's like the slowest. Plot, Line. Evah... So, the Giant Red Shoe needs to Get Run Over By A Truck, thus employing one of the oldest or 2 oldest and cheesiest plot lines in any kind of story-telling, well actually 1 1/2, a partial red-herring, or an entire Deus Ex Machina, which comes from the Greek, which I think means "2 Machines," or is it Roman for "2 Ex-Machetes?" I forget which. But this is a really cool blog. I love the Anon Bloggers, almost as much as I love making an ass out of myself in public intentionally, although you all could argue that I do it much better unintentionally. That's all I got. kthxbai.

  6. Hey, thanks for the feature! I showed this to my sons and they had me read it over and over again five times, then wanted me to read it to my husband. They think he'll succeed. I'm not so sure.

  7. (T_T) the spiders are creepy looking!

  8. Excellent! It's the red high heel that I really liked. Nice graphics

  9. Cool Blog - i've just started following you - perhaps you could return the favour and follow my humble blog ???