Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Clever Lesson

Have you ever really wanted to attain a great weapon? Have you ever wanted to have a supreme power? Well after reading this you will have attained a great power...The Power to Embarrass...Well not really, but hopefully it will give you something to make your friends go crazy.

First, get a group of people you want to use and tell them you are going to have a race to finish the list of tasks on a page you will give them. The winner will win a prize and be declared the best reader (prizes of course vary on your group of friends, some may use a chocolate bar, some may use a car, others may use a chocolate car).

Here is the list of tasks:
1. Read all of the directions before continuing
2. Announce "I shall begin" very loudly
3. Stand on top of your seat
4. Scream "look out below" and jump down
5. Spin ten times
6. Sit down
7. Switch seats with the person next to you
8. Say the alphabet backwards
9. Say "Good morning, my name is Skippy" to three people
10. Freeze and stand completely still for ten seconds
11. Do ten jumping jacks
12. Countdown from sixty and end the countdown by screaming "blast off"
13. Do ten push ups
14. Dance for 15 seconds
15. Shake hands with the person who gave you this sheet and tell him "I have won"
16. Now that you have read all the directions ignore all of the above

Of course, you can change any of the tasks above except the first and last. When they reach the last sentence, most will be completely duped.

With this list you can embarrass any group of people. So remember, use it for good and not evil. Just kidding, feel free to use it for evil. Just not too much evil!

-The Anon Blogger

Featured: Sorry but I didn't have time to find a featured person this week! Instead I'll give you a link to perhaps one of the funniest Harry Potter parodies on the web, A Very Potter Musical. Enjoy!

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  1. Oh, this really does bring back memories for me. We were about to take a maths test when I was young and the teacher told us to read the instructions first. He even gave us a pencil and said he would time us. The whole class started at the same time BUT we wanted to do the test as quick as possible, so we all started to write the answers (which involved calculations too) until we got down to the last question :(

    Sometimes it pays to read the manual before you do any work, ha ha ha ha. Loved this post. I think I'm going to do this to some friends this weekend for a laugh. :)

  2. My friends would probably think I went crazy if i gave them this haha, but yea..I might just give it to them none the less!

  3. My teacher did this to us in second grade, except it was a list of instructions on what to do with our piece of paper. At the top it said read all the instructions. Only one person ended up with a blank piece of paper while the rest of the class was a bunch of embarrassed kids with lines and letters all over the paper, as indicated in the first 15 steps. Total second grade embarrassment for not following directions. I wished I had been the one who had read it through. Yours sounds like WAY More fun!

  4. LOL. I must remember this. No, I must give this to my boss. I'm sure he will put it to good use. :)