Monday, January 7, 2013

The Psychic Test: Can You Read Minds???

Psychic powers. Many scientists are split on whether these exist or not. Some claim that they can move things solely with brain power; some say they can see the future, and some claim they can read minds.

Personally, I am not sure whether these exist or not, so today I decided I’m going to put it to the test, and YOU, dear readers, are going to be the test subject.

I will present to you three letters and you will have to guess what I am thinking. Each will have a link that will lead you to another post that will tell you if you are right or wrong. It is your task to find the link that I have chosen.

“Are you going to give us a hint?” you might ask. Nope. No hints. This is a test of psychic ability not problem solving, so hints would not help. Now let’s see if you can guess which link leads to the right place?


-The Anon Psychic???

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  1. Sorry, I don't get it!

    Michael E. East.

  2. After all that, I still had another go and now I'm back to the beginning of the game, ha ha ha ha.. That what happens to people with inquisitive minds...

  3. Can I give you some advice? Try setting your text background to something more noticeable like white or black. I'm having trouble reading your stuff. Just my opinion though.


  4. As soon as you posted A, B, C you're first thought was......"Now why did I post A,B,C when I really wanted to write: Do Re Me Fa So La Te Doe as you were actually thinking of "The Sound of Music".

    But no one is going to guess that so I guess Ill write A,B,C and lets see what happens.

  5. A,B,C = Anon Blogger Curtain. A random guess, linking back to main blog. :) I don't think its correct though.

    The way in which you have set up this test, will have its limitations for predicting if psychic abilities actually exist. The environment in which the test is done is not very personal. Maybe for what they term' psychic' abilities, there are more factors working within the equation. For example; Maybe there are biological and physiological components that help communicate messages that other people are thinking? Would psychic abilities (if they in fact exist) be stronger if you were in the presence of the person that you are reading.

    Possibly its linked in with psychology, body language, voice tone and vibrations (energy) that people emit. There are a whole range of things to be examined to determine the reasons for what seem to be coincidences. We all communicate information through language. Maybe there is another type of language that exists and very few people know how to tap into it. Maybe psychic ability on some level does exist?

    1. Just realised how this test works! I was up i guess that doesn't help! Half asleep when i was looking at this! Neat idea!