Thursday, September 6, 2012

Creepy or Cute?

Technology can be confusing, especially emails. Many times, I have read something and not understood if it was sarcasm or not or thought someone was insulting me when he was really giving a compliment. Let’s face when someone says, “Wow that’s so awesome,” you have no idea whether he is thinking, “Wow that thing that my friend did was so awesome that I totally have to tell him” or “Mwhahaha I said the thing my friend did was awesome, but he has no idea that I really think it’s not awesome and I’m just being evil Mwahahahaha.” By the way, props to your friend for being able to evil laugh in his head. I’ve only been able to chuckle.

Oh wait, back to topic…

Out of all of my Internet confusion, I must say the following experience confounded me.

I was in school near the end of the day when I received an assignment back from one of my teachers. “Very normal,” you might think, but read on dear reader. As I stared at the email, I saw my assignment and on the bottom instead of a grade it said the following:


Now I don’t know about you, but since when have letter grades been replaced with winks?

How do you respond to a grade like this? I mean on the one hand it is cute that my teacher grades with winks, but it is also extremely creepy to me. It’s 'crutey.' And just like that a new word is born.

So I ask, dear readers, do you think this creepy or cute?

Comment Questions: Do you think this is creepy or cute? Would you like a ‘;) ;) ;)’ grade from your teacher? Will you start using the word crutey (please do)?

-The Crutey Anon Blogger

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  1. As a grade, that's definitely creepy. And hilarious, too.

  2. That depends upon the grade. Maybe "A+ ;););)" I expect the check by tomorrow. "F ;););)" Just kidding.

    1. I think it's a good grade, but who knows. (Well the teacher probably knows, but other than him who knows).

  3. If ;););) = See me after class, then it's definitely creepy.

    1. Haha Sarah good one!
      But yea, it is def. creepy.....I mean if a smiley was really in my paper I would be happy even with a :) or even :D but come on a wink?
      But then again I would love to see a meme face in place of a smiley...that would be awesome, if you do come across something like that then I hope you get anything but a "me gusta face"....that would just be creepy too! XD

  4. No... No. No. Just stop, teacher, really. I have taught since I was 19. Granted it was violin, and I've been teaching since then. Private lessons, because I never had any intention of teaching as a career. I always wanted to play professionally and I did. When I began to teach at age 19, as a freshman in college, I can't say that what i did was teaching. I mostly just took vast sums of parents' money for occupying little Susie or Billy's time for 1/2 hour blocks. But I learned how to teach the violin and viola. I do a bit of demonstrating of technique and mostly, I inspire and soar rhapsodically about the wonder of music; everything from Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto to "Zelda, the Ocarina of Time."

    What I do NOT do, and I am very clear on this and I don't want to take your very humorous and wonderful blog and turn it into a platform for myself is use ;););)... Color me :0:0:0

    Def crutey and creepy! But I got me a topic for Homeless and I thank you Anon Crutey. You always rock my worldz!

  5. Now that is creepy. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  6. Creepy. I'd much rather want a grade along with a normal smiley like this--> (: (inverted smiley)

  7. crutey.. LOL i like that one. I am kind of leaning more towards creepy on this one though. Why on earth would a teacher leave winks, not just one but three! winks are very flirtacious in nature, so unless she's a college professor grading a student whose about to receive his master's degree, i don't think said teacher should be doing anything of the sort.

    just my opinion thouqh :)

    xx rica