Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Wedding Stomachache

Hello dear readers and welcome back (and if you are new here welcome!). I am here writing this post, remembering a stomachache, which I got after a wedding I recently attended. How did I get this ache? Well let me tell you (Oooh building suspense):

So we were on our way to the wedding right on time when traffic hits. 30 minutes...60 minutes...90 minutes...120 minutes. Two and a half hours until we got there, but it was too late. We had missed the ceremony. 
"Did I get a stomach ache from being in the car for over two hours?" you ask. Nope.

So we went into the pre-reception, where there were a bunch of buffet style foods to choose from to eat. It was odd because it was food before a full meal, but it was good. So I got a water (with extra cherries of course) and got some food. 
"Was it the pre-reception food that gave me my ache?" you ask. No no no.

Then we finally got to the reception, which was club style music and dancing. I had some more water with extra cherries and sat down. Eventually, my family was invited to dance, so everyone came up, even my grandfather. Then, some random bridesmaid came up and started dancing with my grandfather. Now I'd like you to get this image into your head, dear readers. Imagine an 80 year old man dancing with a 20 year old women with club music and strobe lights in the background. It was very funny. (P.S. Don't worry my grandmother was not jealous). 
"Was it this image of my grandfather dancing that caused the ache deep within my stomach?" You ask. No, although it did almost make my sides split.

Finally, we sat down, ate, had another water with extra cherries, and then I had to go to the bathroom. Trust me when I say that this was one of the greatest bathrooms in the world. They even gave out free mints when you leave. I took and ate like 5. 
"So was it the mints?" You ask. Still no...Sorry but the answer will come soon.

I waited for everyone to be ready to leave, had a couple more glasses of water with extra cherries, and then we were on our way home. About half way through the ride my stomach started to hurt.
"Why?" You ask. Turns out...I had too many cherries :(

-The Aching Blogger

Comment Question: Are you a fan of cherries? Have you ever witnessed your grandparents doing something hilarious? Do you have any sympathy for my troubles?

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  1. Haha aww, too many cherries. Hope your ache didn't last long!

  2. ROFL!
    I love this post! XD
    I'm sorry I know I should sympathize with your poor belly but this is too funny! XD buahahaha!

  3. I love cherries. Sorry about the stomachache. That stinks.

  4. Water with cherries sounds delish! Never thought of it but I will have to try it!