Monday, June 11, 2012

A Big Family Welcome

Every family has a different way of welcoming people home after they have been away. Some have a party, some exchange gifts, and some just say welcome back and go on with their lives. However, no two families do it the same way, (well actually some probably do, but let’s forget about them).

I have been on many trips away from home: some were long and some were short, but my family always seems to have the same reaction despite the length of the trip. Allow me to give you the statistics:

50%: “Oh my, did they feed you in [Insert Trip Destination]? You’ve lost so much weight.” (Usually when I don’t lose any weight).
15%: “You know when I went to [Insert Trip Destination], I…[Insert Long Story Irrelevant to My Travels]”
10%: “Oh my, your [Insert Relative From The 50%] told me you lost weight! Are you sure they fed you?”
10%: “Great now that your back you can help me with something.” (While I’m falling asleep from jetlag).
9%: “Did you get me a souvenir?”
5%: “Did you go somewhere? I thought you were just hiding in your room.”
1%: “Welcome back! How was your trip? Tell me all about it!” (Usually my grandma)

So as you can see my family is very interested in my travels…well at least in my eating habits, but isn’t that what family is for?

So dear readers, I open it up to you, how does your family welcome you home?

-The Anon Blogger

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  1. I found you on the blog hop! :D

  2. Great :) Hope you enjoyed the blog. Make sure to look at the bonus content!

  3. Hmmmm. Welcome? What's that?


    1. Well said...Well said. You are always welcome at my blog!

      With your family, well...good luck :)

    2. My family think it's their right to make inappropriate comments whether I've been away or not! Recently when I returned from overseas this is what they asked, "Are you pregnant?" and "Are you engaged?" Mmmmm I'm 40, not sure why they're having such crazy thoughts!

    3. Ha, yeah I know what you mean. That's my family in a nutshell. Well actually that's my family at home (we don't live in a nutshell).

  4. Nice post! I really thought it was funny!
    Keep it up!! :D

  5. My family is pretty great about stuff like that, the majority of my family would love to sit down and have me tell them all about brother on the otherhand gives me a punch to the shoulder and asks for his gift lol But id almost prefer his welcome back over anyone elses...

  6. (-_-) My family waits until I'm ready to talk. They tiptoe around me as if they think I'll shatter into pieces or kill them in their sleep - only because I hardly talk much...
    *slowly puts away pitchfork*
    good job

  7. Your blog rocks. I am laughing through each post. Thanks for blogging!