Thursday, July 11, 2013

And We’ll Throw In A Blog Post Free of Charge

Nowadays, when people think of commercials, their heads turn to something like the Superbowl, where the most awesomest (I don’t care if it’s not a word, I’m using it) commercials are shown. However, I’d like to discuss the commercials that sell the new products on the market, like the Snuggie commercials.

One of the key features of these commercials is that they are always a good deal. Always. No matter the product, price, or quality, the commercial always says, “You can get it for only $X that’s $Y less than the retail price.” You really have to appreciate these commercials for looking out for our wallets by always guaranteeing us a good price. 

Then, many of them take the next step and offer something for free. Perhaps they throw in something completely irrelevant to the product, or perhaps they offer two of the products for the price of one. Either way, rather than scamming us, they offering us a good deal with a freebie, and all we have to do is a few easy payments of $19.95!

Well actually this is not true. There is always shipping and handling, but who can complain about an extra charge for shipping and handling when you have such a great deal? 

Thus, I would like to honor these commercials for providing us with such good deals over the years and so many freebies (after we pay for the product of course). Clearly, this is a selfless act.

-The Anon Blogger

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