Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Cow Pun Challenge

Recently, my family and I were walking home when my uncle told me about a case where a women hit a cow with her car. She was arrested, but she sued the farmer who owned the cow claiming the cow had mad cow disease.

We started making puns after this crazy case and it started to become a challenge to see who could make the most. I thought I’d share some with you:

-I think this case is a lot of bull.

-Most of the lawyers agree there is no gray area in this case. It’s all black and white.

-This women is trying to milk this case for all its got.

-Some say she has a legitimate claim, but I think she just has beef with the cow.

-That cow sure got creamed.

-I would tell her not to have a cow, but at this point, it’s pointless.

-She better win this case. There’s a lot at steak.

-I would say that the plaintiff was going to butcher her, but it looks like she’s already done the butchering.

-When the police first came, she tried to hide.

-That cow should have really moooooooooved.

-I heard she was trying to hit that cow. She was tailing him for five miles.

-They asked her why she did it? She said because she cud.

-I herd that in the accident she just broke a calf.

-When she was interrogated, she didn’t utter a word.

-I would go on, but the rest are cheesy.

Well I hope you veally enjoyed reading me yakking with these puns. Tell me if you want this to be a rare occurrence or you want moooore.

Tell me any puns that you think up in the comments below!

-The Anon Blogger

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  1. I bet there are some people in your life who when seeing you approaching, run the other direction. But being unable to resist, here goes:

    I'll drink a whole stein to those puns.

  2. Ha ha! Love these! I'd try to think of another but I think you've got them all covered!

  3. These moomentous puns are udderly implausable.

  4. This one here is my favorite:
    "That cow should have really moooooooooved."

    This post was cow over the mooooon-umental

  5. Was she spinning her veals?