Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Cat’s Revenge

As you all probably remember, a few months ago, I posted about my cat taking over my chair and I asked you what to do. Most of you voted for me to kick my cat off the chair and reclaim my rightful place on the throne of the house.

However, naturally, my cat as an avid reader of the blog, got angry. At first, she was sly. She stopped jumping on the chair and fled whenever I started to sit, but then, when I got back from vacation, she put her plan into action. She recruited the other cat.

Yes, she somehow convinced our other cat to jump onto the chair and join her, preventing me from sitting down.

Now I know what you might be thinking. This is just a coincidence, but it is not. I see the way she stares at me cackling with her cat laugh. Okay she doesn’t cackle, but she does stare, a stare solely to humiliate me.

She has won…Or has she? I am plotting a plot of my own. A plot to overthrow her reign as master of the chair. As I said though, she reads the blog, so I cannot reveal it yet, but I don’t think she reads the comments. Tell me below what you think I should add to my plot. I may have lost the battle, but the war has just begun.

MHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-(*cough* *cough* *cough*). Wow evil laughing is hard. Just kidding, you can’t laugh and cough on a computer…Or can you?...No, you can’t

-The Anon Warrior

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  1. Hahaha the cat is onto you!!
    Be careful of the cute evil fluffball!XD

  2. Whenever my cat sits on my desk chair (or steals my seat on the couch the minute I leave to get a drink) I just pretend I don't see him and sit on him. Never hard, or enough to squish him, mind you, but he gets the message. After a few months of this, he finally got the hint and sits on his own desk chair, right next to mine. It spins around 360 degrees, so my toddler has fun spinning him in it, lol. Now he'll only sit in his chair when she's sleeping.