Thursday, February 28, 2013

An English Rebellion: Can, Will, and May?

For many years, the English language has been filled with confusing words and sentences. It is ridden with words with thousands of meanings and meanings with thousands of words. In these segments, I aim at rooting out the issues with language and start: An English Rebellion

In our years of education and life, I doubt any of us have never experienced something like this:

You: Hey can you pass the salt?
Person: I CAN pass the salt. I am physically able to.

Let’s face it. Even though it’s annoying when it happens to you, it’s always fun to do to someone else, but is it necessary?

I want to present to you some of the other possible situations:
You: Hey will you pass the salt?
Person: Do you want me to pass the salt?

You: May you pass the salt?
Person: I may or I may not.

You: Wow The Anon Bloggers are awesome. I love this blog.
Person: Yes! I love this blog. I’m going to follow and like it on Facebook.

Okay that last one was a little off topic, but I think the point stands. There is a way of avoiding a question no matter how you phrase it, so please stop correcting us! The world has actual English issues. No need to make another that nobody follows.

Comment Question: Do you agree? Are you also annoyed by people who do this?

-The Anon Blogger

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  1. Haha i can deffo relate to that ... as an experienced English speaker (native tongue is French), it annoys the crap of me :)