Thursday, July 19, 2012

World War III

Before you ask, no I am not talking about the war that will eventually drag Earth into destruction. I am talking about the war in my world. The participants: my cat and I.

Everyone has a place in this world they feel at home. Some say it's their room, some say it's school or work. "Where is my place?" you ask. No it's not my house. No it's not whenever I'm with my mom or dad or any family. I feel at home when I'm on my chair.

"What does this have to do with my cat and I?" you ask. Well ever since we got her, she has been sitting on my chair, making it impossible for me to sit. I've pointed at her and told her to get off, but for some reason she doesn't react. I've even asked politely with "please" and "thank you" and "you better get off that chair or else," but still no reaction as if I was speaking another language.

"Why don't I just kick her off?" you ask. Well before I answer, I'd like to request that you stop asking so many questions. Don't worry, by the time I am finished all your questions will be answered. What's that? You say that I have been putting these questions into your mouths. Ha, that's preposterous. Just read this blog post I wrote, you've already asked three questions.

But anyway, as I was saying, I cannot kick her off the chair because my mom will not give me permission, and I do not want to anger my mom, so I ask you dear readers, "What should I do?" To vote on what I should do, Go HERE <-(Click link and vote)

-The Anonymous Teenage Blogger

P.S. Mom I was just kidding about that "not feeling at home with you" comment. Please don't punish me. Love you :)

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  1. As I mentioned on your Facebook page - hilarious!

  2. Another reason you should get a pet monkey
    Oh right coming back....this usual hilarious!

  3. So funny. I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Check out the post on my site:

  4. Let the cat have the chair.

  5. maybe you should buy another chair, the same kind for kitty :) anyway, very funny post ;)

  6. Cats understand that war is all about alliances. You will lose.

  7. Oh my God, the one and only place I want to myself is my desk and my cat has made it home. She rolls around messing things up, pushing keys on my computer, lying on my hand when it's on the mouse. It's annoying! Worse, I posted about it on Facebook and everyone took her damn side!