Thursday, December 27, 2012

Senior Moment #2: Lost My Charge

I have already described to you, dear readers, how I am getting old, but it has reached a new high with this past senior moment.

I live a few blocks from my classroom, so it is about a 7-minute walk to get there. One day, I had to go to a class in said classroom, so I packed up my stuff and was on my way. All was fine.

When I reached the classroom, I realized my charger was missing from the front pocket of the bag. Where could it be? Had it been stolen? Did I leave it in my room? Or was it abducted by aliens who study human technology to one-day take over the Earth?

I decided to check my room (after all, if aliens bent on world domination took it, I didn’t want to find it). About 7 minutes later, I arrived in my room. Then, the panic struck. It was not in my room and class was going to start soon. Gasp!

I searched flipping over everything in sight. The charger was nowhere to be found, and class was in 5 minutes (gasp again), so I ran back dejected and now, sweaty.

I arrived a minute early, out of breath and out of options, so I sat down to take out my notebook. As I took it out, my charger came out with it. Turns out I put it in my back pocket that day.

My second senior moment in the past few months. I sure hope my hair doesn't start turning grey.

Comment Question: When was your last senior moment? What was it?

-The Anon Senior Citizen


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  1. So many times I have lost my keys or money, and I end up frantically searching the house like a wild animal, temper rising every minute, only to suddenly see the keys staring at me in the face, in a place that I had checked several times over. I need more omega-3 oils for the brain. Oh, the grey has already begun :(

  2. Sometimes I'm so detached, I have the remote in my hand and I ask where it is.

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