Thursday, October 18, 2012

Congratulations, You Won: Stop The Talking Advertisements!!!

Advertisements. I’ve already talked about the ads that say you are the 1,000,000th visitor here, but other advertisements have been swarming the Internet causing havoc throughout the world. These are talking advertisements.

You know, those annoying ads that start speaking whenever you visit some of your favorite sites. Sometimes they can be funny and sometimes they can be just plain annoying (as opposed to the other types of annoying).

Take the following scene from my math class:

Teacher: Blah Blah Blah…Calculus…Blah Blah Blah…Fractions…
Kid with computer: (Face Red)

Now I am not saying that this was not funny, (for what is more funny than laughing at a fellow man’s embarrassment #wearesuchgoodpeople), but the question is why is it necessary? Would this type of advertising happen in real life?

Well let’s imagine…Close your eyes and- Well actually do not close your eyes or else you won’t be able to read. Keep your eyes open and envision the following…

You are walking down the street, looking at stores and attractions when all of a sudden a huge sign comes, blocks your way to where you want to go and screams, “CONGRATULATIONS YOU WON!!!!”

Personally, I do not think that would be very fun. Thus, rather than letting the machines take over and tell us what we’ve won, I say we fight against the speaking advertisements, not just for ourselves but for humankind.

Either that or we could shut off our computer volume, but that just seems like too much work.

-The Anon Blogger

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  1. Try being vision-impaired and have this streaming nonsense hollering at you out of the blue. People wonder why I have low impulse control. I hope they have a laryngitis epidemic in the voice-over population for the next 12 for-evers. Jerks.

  2. youtube ads are one of the worst!
    Sure Youtube, I do not time you buffering to a vid about fabric softner!
    I know we can skip them but you can only skip them after 5 seconds....almost like oh please do you really want to skip?here is the beginning so maybe you will change your mind!!No I won't!It is stupid!GET it off my FACE!!!

  3. Yes, these new type ads are getting on my nerves now. You're trying to read something then just as you get into it, a voice starts advertising. I then have to spend time trying to find a way of switching it off or leaving the page I was reading. Not good. It would be much easier if they just allowed you to turn it on instead of it being automated. :(

  4. I'm lucky to have a downloader program, it intercepts sounds and video and asks me if I wish to download them. So much nicer than having my computer talk to me out of the blue, trying to sell me something I couldn't care less about.

  5. Oh I hate these ads. Recently, there is one that always tells me how easy it is to earn 10,000 euros in an hour and that everyone can do it.
    There is also one that says: "Hey, you! Yes, you in front of the computer screen!" The first time I heard it, almost got frightened, because it came totally out of the blue.
    That's why I usually have my computer volume turned off now.