Thursday, October 25, 2012

A-/B+ The Existent Grade For The Non-Existent Number

From the midst of vague letter grading, a new grade has somehow been born: the ‘A-/B+.’ When I first laid my on upon this grade, I immediately asked myself “What does this mean?”

The grading scheme I was taught was that ‘A-‘ is a 90-92.99... and a “B+’ was a 87-89.99... Thus, where does this grade lie? Super sleuth (i.e. me) was on the case, so I went and asked the teacher what number this referred. “Well that settles it,” you might say, “you must have gotten an answer.” Well I’m afraid you are mistaken.

The only thing the teacher said was that it was a grade in-between the two grades, which is not possible. Unless, somehow, teachers have managed to discover a number that exists in nothingness. A number that that somehow bridges the gap between the gapless and separates the inseparable. Somehow, these teachers have changed the very nature of logic and math bringing into being a true contradiction. This number will revolutionize the very fabric of math and science!

Then again, it could just be a way for teachers to remain indecisive over grades, but the first option is much cooler.

Thus, when you get an ‘A-/B+’ or something equivalent, don’t be discouraged or confused. Be proud that you have been given the chance to experience perhaps the greatest mathematical discovery since roman numerals.

-The Anon Blogger

P.S. If your friend is discouraged or confused over an ‘A-/B+,’ just send them this post and remind them how great an honor this grade truly is.

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