Monday, November 4, 2013

The Anon Blogger Quiz

How well do you know the Anon Blogger? See if you can answer these question to find out:

1. Where does my cat like to sit?
A) My Head
B) My Chair
C) The Couch

2. What creepy or cute thing did my teacher send me?
A) ;) ;) ;)
B) I Am In Love With You
C) I’ll See you tonight ;) ;)

3. What was I proud of at the DMV?
A) Getting my permit
B) Getting my license
C) Making a perfect checkmark

4. When was my first blog post posted?
A) 1/3/12
B) 4/14/11
C) 5/31/12

5. What names did I use in “A Clever Name?”
A) Josh And Harry
B) Harry and Gary
C) Josh And Gary

6. What is the name of my recurring comic character?
A) Timmy The Spider
B) Jimmy The Porcupine
C) Kimmy The JellyFish

7. If you are in a race, and you pass the person in 2nd place, what place are you in?
A) 1st
B) 2nd
C) 3rd

8. What’s my name?
A) El Muerto
B) Don
C) No One Knows

9. What is my opinion of 3D?
1) Positive
2) Neutral
3) Very Bad

10. What two things do I want more than anything else? 
A) Monkey and Segway
B) An Autograph From The Royal Baby
C) One Million Dollars

Check your answers below…

1. On my chair.
2. ;) ;) ;)
3. The perfect check mark.
4. 5/31/12
5. Josh and Gary
6. Timmy The Spider
7. 2nd
8. We don’t know.
9. Very Bad
10. Monkey and Segway

Did you get all of them right? If yes, congrats! If not, you’ve got some blog reading to do.

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