Monday, June 3, 2013

1 Year Anniversary

Last Friday, The Anon Bloggers accomplished a huge feat. We reached our one year anniversary! Last year, I could never have imagined such growth. In a year, we have almost 150 google subscribers, over 600 twitter followers, over 100 Facebook fans, and numerous other who have enjoyed these posts, leading to over 30,000 page views.

However, the numbers don't matter as much as the individuals like you. If you've been here since the beginning, joined in in the middle, or even if this is your first time reading, you have made an impact on this blog. One that I appreciate more than you can know.

I know this blog might seem insignificant. One post a week making jokes about somethings that don't really matter, but it is also a distraction. A distraction from the serious topics of the world by emphasizing on the quirks of the world. And hopefully, it has made you smile and kept you entertained.

Hopefully over the next year I will be able to accomplish just as much or even more. Again, thanks to all of you. Here's to another year!

-The Anon Blogger


  1. Happy first anniversary, Anon. Wishing you many years of great blogging ahead.

  2. Well, a big CONGRATULATIONS on your 1st Anniversary. I must say that you have given me some good laughs along the way. With those stats, you're on the right road mate. Don't worry if it's one post a week as that doesn't make it insignificant because it's all about quality content.
    Have a large drink on me, keep up the good work and well done. Cheers to the next year mate.

  3. wow !!! you have achieved great heights in just one year ! Congratulations ! keep it up !


  4. Congratulations! Have a happy one year anniversary. It's quite an accomplishment.

  5. Congratulations on hitting the one year mark. ATB for the future.

  6. And where is Timmy the Spider? Did you just consign him to the Blog Gulag? You did not include him in your Blogging Feat? Hmmm?

    Congratulations! This is a fun blog to read and I enjoy it immensely. You put a lot of work in it and it's well done. You make the world a happy and funnier place. Who couldn't use more of that? Well done!

  7. Congratulations! Sorry haven't been following up recently! I do read your posts when ever I can, and I can't wait for more!