Thursday, May 16, 2013

Short Shorts #2: A Fault In Iron Man

As you all may know, Iron Man 3 recently was released and though I have yet to see it, I have one serious problem with his conception as a whole and that is, he is completely assassinatable.

1. His powers are in a suit.

2. Everyone knows who he is. 

3. He is a public figure.

Put these three things together and you get a guy who is mortal without his suit and constantly in public and potentially unprotected places and yet his worst enemies decide to attack him blatantly when he has his suit within reach. If one enemy decides to sniper him during a press conference, he is done for. Then again, as I've said before, movie villains aren't always that bright. I don't know about you, but I find it quite ironic (Get it?)

Agree? Disagree? Want to have an epic superhero debate in the comments section or on Facebook? Tell me in the comments below.

-The Anon Blogger

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  1. He's almost taken out at the beginning of the third movie because he doesn't have his suit on and chooses to protect Pepper instead. Besides, in Iron Man 3 he hardly has the suit at all but manages not to get assassinated anyway.

    But Iron Man is my favorite Avenger, so I'm extremely biased.

  2. You'd have to look at the motivation of a comic book villain. They want to be seen as powerful. Being able to TAKE OUT a superhero. Sniping someone when they're not in a position to defend themselves is seen as cowardly. Without going into spoilers of the movie for those who haven't seen it, JR is right in that it COULD have happened, but even then he had ACCESS to his defenses. If Justin Hammer had just had him shot, it wouldn't have been the image he has of himself. If The Mandarin had taken Stark out in a sneaky way, it would have ruined the rebel/proving a point image that had been so heavily cultivated. Even the Chitauri wanted to defeat them in battle, to PROVE that they were superior. Conquering through surreptitious means would only prove that they were sneakier. It's why Thor disagreed with Loki's methods, while he felt it was okay for him to go into another world and confront them in battle.