Monday, May 6, 2013

Short Shorts #1: Proving Einstein Wrong

We all know the famous equation of Einsteins E=mc^2, but is this equation true?

I took a deep look into it and realized that it cannot possibly be true, and I will tell you why. Look closely at what a 'c' is. If you attach an arrow to it, it is just a rotation by 270 degrees. If you rotate 'm' 270 degrees, it will be a backwards 'E.' If you do that twice, it become a 'w.' However, if you do it thrice, it will be an E. m->->w->E.

Thus, E=mc^3 not mc^2.

Thank you, thank you very much, no applause necessary. I'll just take my nobel prize and go.

This blog post has been sponsored by the FSIAWINRPSPDS (Fake Science Institute of America, Which Is Not a Real Place So Please Don't Sue).

 -The Anon Blogger

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  1. This seems like the same reasoning I learned in advanced math in college. I flunked that class. Cheers!